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Remember when Queens were known to have the jewels, oils, furs and luxury?


Well -- this is the Queen's Oil!


Without a doubt, the most effective anti-aging, 100% natural and organic product, Barbary Fig Oil stops the aging of cells and stimulates their renewal.


It can be used daily to reduce the number and depth of wrinkles on your face and dark baggy circles under your eyes.


It is excellent for mature skin that is screaming for hydration and renewal. 


Consider this oil the Cadillac of Oils. 



Barbary Fig (or Prickly Pear) is oil from the seeds of the fruit that grows off a cactus. This cactus does not just grow in Morocco, but this is where I source this specific oil.


When you think of “the best skincare oil” on the planet; Think Barbary Fig!


This oil is typically blended with other oils because of the price point but I offer a full 30 ml bottle because a Queen knows her oil when she sees it!


 Let me explain the price: Harvesting the fruit from the cactus then means the tiny seeds must be pulled out and dried on the roof of the cooperative. It takes kilos of the seeds to make one bottle!This means that the backend labor & time for these seeds is enormous and the process much slower, therefore the higher cost. 


Yet, the oil is exquisite!! I call it “Queen of the Desert” oil because you simply cannot get any better. 



-Powerful Moisturizer

-Prevents signs of Aging

-Prevents Hyperpigmentation

-Increase Skin Smoothness and Anti-Wrinkle

-Youthful Glow and retain Skin Plumpness

-Prevents Inflammations

-Protects us from free radicals in the environment



  • Prickly Pear Oil is packed with skin loving essentials that are quite beneficial for our skin not to mention that it has twice the Vitamin E and Linoleic (omega 6) than any other oil in the market has. 
  • It contains Betalains which is one of the best antioxidants (also found in beets) that has anti-inflammatory properties plus antioxidants to protect us from free radicals, improve cell generation and prevent inflammations. 
  • Carotene is also present which makes our skin more attractive and healthier with continued use. It can easily penetrate your skin and leaves no oily residue behind.



Sourced in Morocco from a Women's cooperative that is located remotely in the Sahara desert.


The fruit and seeds can be eaten by humans. The fruit is highly commercialized all over the world. It is eaten raw and has one of the highest concentrations of Vit C than any other fruit. 


The fruit is also squeezed and the juices is the main ingredient for Mexico's famous alcoholic drink called colonche. 


SAFE for any kind of consumption (except the thorns)



Apply 2-3 drops (or a dropperful) to your palms and massage gently onto your skin. Safe to use even for the lips and around the eyes. Can use morning or night. Can also be used as a super hydrating winter oil (alternated with one of the others during summer) or a night time oil (with one of the others in the morning).






Barbary Fig Oil

  •  All oils are cold pressed and organic and shelf stable for up to 2 years. If you buy more than one bottle, keeping the extra(s) in the refrigerator extends shelf life longer (like all oils) because it is away from light and heat. This is also the reason it is in a dark bottle. 

    •  100% money back guarantee.


    • If you don't absolutely agree this oil is better than any you can buy anywhere else and you don't love it, email me  and I'll make it right!
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