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100% Hormonally Safe Oils for

the Skin you Wear.


About Me


Hi, My name is Stephanie Jane. 

Thankfully, I have a gypsy spirit and spent years traveling around the globe, meeting cooperatives, knowing them well, allowing me to direct source the world's finest oils. This, for me, was the beginning of uncovering a very toxic beauty industry full of un-regulated products with known carcinogens, reproductive toxins and various other harmful chemicals that cause serious diseases. 

Most women don't know this, so I spoke up. 

My approach is this:

Know your Founder so that you Trust your products. 


Why This?


Women use a lot of products! 

Which makes this a Women's health issue. 

 ​ Most products are incredibly toxic to a woman's internal hormonal world. 

This is because the majority are filled with parabens, which are synthetic chemicals that play a role in female cancers, as well as negatively affect the functionality of the reproductive systems.

We know what parabens cause - yet they are still widely used and millions of women are affected daily.

I'm so glad you're here because I believe, like you do...

Beautiful skin is super important to women, but not at the expense of the rest of our health.

and I can't change this industry alone. I need your help. 

I want to tell you a story...

But first, 

The story of little 'ole me at 15 years old starting at a bathroom counter full of toxic products. 

I didn't know better; 
My Mom didn't know better. 

I was staring at piles of Clearasil, Proactiv, Biore (remember those blackhead strips?), and Clean & Clear. 

I grew up on those products! and likely, so did you. 

I cringe to think how many parabens I put in my body from age 15-25, when I started traveling the world and looking for solutions.  

My Acne wasn't much better but I had nowhere else to turn. 

The truth is ACNE was my path to loving skincare like I do. 

It's not glamorous, nor sexy - but it is a real problem that leads so many women deep into the world of toxic skincare products.

My path of developing BEYOND LANGUAGES SKINCARE has made me aware of the horrible products on the market that young girls use religiously - like I did - because they don't know any better - like I did. 

"Toxic Burden" begins in the womb because mothers store chemicals in her body and they have the ability to cross the placenta. One study showed umbilical cord blood to have 287 chemicals already in it! These same chemicals are also mobilized and passed through the breast milk.


If this is a baby, imagine an adult's burden!

This burden ramps up with girls start playing with makeup and body care products that are full of hormonal mimickers and parabens - known ingredients that are carcinogenic, etc .

One study showed women put 515 chemicals on her face each day!

Future pace a 13 year old to 21 year old who now has a bathroom full of 






                                                                                                                         perfumed body wash

                           can see how women are literally swimming in a 'toxic brew'. 

None of it is pure, clean nor organic -- and certainly not hormonally safe!

Her friends have the same, her Mom happily buys it for her -- and on and on the cycle continues. 

No wonder infertility has skyrocketed, female cancers doubled, period pains become 'normalized', and heavy bleeding feels out of control. All of this has meant the US leads the world as the #1 surgery being a hysterectomy!

As a Nurse-Midwife, I cringe to think of women who are blindly caught in this cycle, unaware and literally walking into the snake pit!

I decided to make a difference and shed light on this huge elephant in the room

and call it what it is - a Women's Health issue! 

It all begins with education around what you put ON your body is what you put IN your body. 

Hormonal Health is for any age!

Of course, any woman of any age benefits from cleaning up her skincare, but young girls stand the chance to never have the problems in the first place. 

Moisturising Hand

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As a Nurse-Midwife and Nurse Practitioner in Women's Health, I am blinded by the amount of toxic products sold to a woman daily. The numerous lotions, potions, salves, creams, makeup, deodorants, etc on the market are astounding. Ingredients banned in many areas of the world and are known to be carcinogenic are sold to women under the guise of beauty.

Beauty at the expense of your health is definitely not beautiful.

Women are never told this.


I knew there had to be a better way.

I traveled all over the world sourcing the best of the best, for me, for you and for us.

Welcome to Beyond Languages 

A Skincare line sourced directly by me, only 1 ingredient in each bottle, 100% hormonally safe, ethical, fairtrade. 

Beautiful all the way around.

You can trust it.


I need a restock!!! Can I order 2 bottles please? I love love love this oil!!! It is one of the only things I can put on my sensitive skin that doesn't make it turn red or break out. It soaks in so well and leaves m skin dewy and hydrated - never greasy...and I love that I can use it on my hair as well as my face!


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